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Printed circuit boards are actually easy to create and can also be printed and reproduced in no time. You could actually choose any company because even if they use different methods, the products are almost the same. Also, there is not much of a product difference. So if that is the case, why do you have to learn how to choose the right manufacturer? Why not hire any random manufacturer?

pcbIn general, you could say that PCBs are almost the same regardless of the company you choose. But the most important aspect of PCBs are the components. You may be satisfied with the final product but the components might not be of high quality. Some companies, since they are mass producing, use cheaper and low quality components to lower manufacturing costs. In the long run, the printed circuit boards they make will not function well. The longevity of use is very important because hiring such manufacturers are actually expensive. You should get what you have paid for.

Here are the things you have to look for in a company to ensure high quality service.
1. Number of years

The company should be operating for a number of years. Years in service could mean expertise on the field. If customers are satisfied, they will continue to hire this specific company. A company who runs for more than 5 years could be a trustworthy company because it will not last long if people are not hiring them.

2. Expertise

Some people say that, the more fields of expertise the company has, the more trustworthy it is. However, companies who focus on one field, for example, manufacturing printed circuit boards, are better. Why? Because focusing on a specific service results to improvement of that field and enhancement of the skills of the workers and engineers. Imagine a company who offers ten services. Will they be able to check on each every day? If ever half of the services they offer needs upgrading or improvement, will they be able to upgrade it at the same time? Well, that is possible, if they have millions and billions of dollars. Thus a company which focuses on one expertise is better than having multiple services.

3. Pays Attention to Details

PCBs are very detailed. Each component should be properly placed. Everything should be organized. So, when you are looking for a manufacturing company, you should hire those which have an eye for detail. You will see it by looking at their PCBs. If they have an excellent quality control, there will be no problems on the final product. You could look for testimonials of both satisfied and unsatisfied customers. In that way, you will know if they are worthy to be hired.

4. Quality Components

As it was said in the introductory paragraph, quality components will result to a quality final product. Ask the company about the components used. Where do they buy these electronic components? Search the internet if the manufacturer of these parts are also trustworthy.

5. Software and Hardware

For those customers who wanted to have software along with the PCB, there are companies that could produce micro controllers for your board. It is better to have software for your PCB than to operate it manually. It is easier and faster to use.

So, even if printed circuit boards are alike, you should still be careful in choosing a manufacturing company. Remember, you are producing several circuit boards that you will use for your company. And you are also spending money for it. Do not waste your time by hiring the first company you see in the internet. Choose wisely.


April 20, 2016 / Sherri Melton