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“We never go out of style!” That’s not just Taylor Swift singing, but also Silicone Bracelets calling out to you.

Rubber BraceletsSilicone Bracelets or wristbands have been in since its conception around the early 2000s. Today, it’s still worn by sports players, big companies, and even used for charity and awareness. Wearing them on your wrist lets people give a sneak peek into who you are as a person since it reveals what colour(s) you like, what team you’re rooting for, what your advocacy is, or maybe phrase or quote you like or live by.

Many companies offer personalizing silicone bracelets if you’re interested in purchasing them. They could be thin or thick, but both are cheap to customize, thus its popularity. To help you pick out the wristband that suits you, here’s different types of wristband printing and shapes you could choose from:

1. Debussed Wristbands

Debussed wristbands are for those who like seeing their wristbands being simple and yet speak out their personality, colour, and advocacy. The text on the one side of the wristband is debussed or engraved, making it easy to check out. Here, your bracelet and message’s colour are the same.

2. Imprinted Wristbands

Got a message, motto, slogan, or catchphrase you want to show off or share to others? You can imprint them on your bracelets if you like and even produce many of it to share with others or even sell it to people with the same interest or advocacy. For better style, if your silicone bracelet has a darker colour, make sure the print is white or a bright colour. This will make your statement stand out and catch other people’s eyes. Often, factories use the silk screen process which is why these wristbands are also known as silkscreen wristbands. This type is fit for including intricate logos or designs. However, the screen print may easily fade when compared to colour-filled wristbands.

3. Debus-fill wristbands

If you like the debussed wristbands but want to add more colour, then debus-fill wristbands are for you. You can put colour in the engraved or deepened letters so that your message could be more visible. This adds contrast to your design, making it eye- catching.

4. Embossed wristbands

Don’t like engraving your message into your wristband? No worries! With embossed wristbands, your letters are being raised above the surface of the band instead of being engraved. Because the raised surface gives your wristband more physical depth, it literally stands out. The basic embossed wristbands will also have the same colour with your message.

5. Emboss-printed wristbands

To make your embossed wristband stand out even more, you can add colour to the emboss- printed letters. Using the right colours that contrast each other could make your bracelets pop out even more. Leave people star-struck with your design or message and watch them look for where you bought or got your wristband.

6. Dual-layer wristbands or colour-coated wristbands

Can’t decide between two colours? No one can blame you since that’s why there’s also dual layer wristbands! These silicone bracelets allow you to choose between two colours: one for the external layer and the other for the internal surface. This is a new style that’s sure to catch people’s attention and make them jealous. The manufactures have such an intricate process for this. Firstly, they paint the outside of the bands with the colour you picked. Then, they engrave your desired design into the bracelet. Thus, the external engraved design shows the original colour of the wristband, giving off a sharp contrast and a striking design.

7. Figured wristbands

Want to make your brand known? Or to show you’re rooting for a certain team? You can now with Figured Wristbands! They come with a ½-inch width and a 1-inch diameter where you can put your customized figure logo. It doesn’t have to be circular though, you can ask the shop or manufacturer to make it into any shape. With figured wristbands, you can leave a good impression on people and even attract them to your branded products or teams.

8. Blank wristbands

If you’re looking for something plain and simple, blank wristbands would be good. It may not have any design or message, but as they say, “Silence speaks louder than words.” It’s really that simple. It doesn’t mean it’s useless: you can use them for small activities when you want to group many people, or if you just want to show off to everyone what your favourite colour is, or add some style to your fashion.


Whether you’re playing for your team, showing support to your team, holding a charity, proclaiming your advocacy, promoting your business or brand, following the trend, adding colour to your fashion, or showing off a side of you, silicone bracelets are the ultimate piece to complete your goal. They aren’t just handy and easy to keep, but they also stand out for a good cause. And besides, a wristband is not just an accessory – it’s a statement.


April 18, 2016 / Jessica Fleming