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Safety Presentations become more interesting if the audience interact. It is more relevant to provide strategies to get the audience involved. Interactions among listeners increase a peer learning dimension to presentations.

  •  Grabbing audience attention

The best Safety Presentations, give detailed and valuable information that sticks in the minds of employees. It is much better if they get talked long afterwards about what the presenter had spoken.

Creating a dynamic and unique presentation makes the audiences catch their attention. To engage people’s attention from the start of the presentation through the end is to invigorate their brain cells.

  •     Tips on how to make audiences participate

1.    Use props to bring Safety Presentations to life. Take anything that used at work like chairs and ladders and get a volunteer from the audiences to demonstrate with your discussions the correct safety procedures.
2.    Make fun with competitions through giving quizzes or themed game shows based on TV favorite shows perhaps.
3.    Give acknowledgment to those people who have taken an active participation in raising awareness of safety measures in the workplace. By giving those awards and certificates, it will encourage others to take part.

  •   Asking questions

speakerAfter the delivery of presentations, there might be questions audiences wanted to ask. Not everyone likes speaking up in front of the people. It’s better to think of a fun way on how to raise their questions.

While presentation proceeds, pass around blank cards to encourage everyone to write down any questions or concerns they have in mind. You may then encourage them to read the questions at the end of the discussions. It is expected that in every workplace, there’s a joker you might encounter that gives silly responses. You just have the courage to deal with this kind of people.

  •   Asking for challenging questions

Many presentations or training fail because they simply transfer information from speaker to listener. Asking provocative questions to audiences make them alive because these make them think.

  •     Making it personal

People are more receptive to information when it connects to the emotional situations. In Safety Presentations, trying to connect everything about safety to personal needs might get the full attention of the audience. Focusing on the context of the people rather than procedures reduces the stress of people at work and at the same time educating them.

  • Build in group discussions and reporting

To make the audience engaged and arouse their interest in discussion, there are numerous studies that show listeners being asked to participate in the discussion.

Audience usually enjoys the opportunity to talk with those people around them especially during any presentation. Since it couldn’t avoid that fact, a speaker should also take the opportunity by asking audience to divide themselves into groups. Then, assign each group with topics about workplace safety and share what they’ve talked about with the rest of the audience.

In this way, not only will they participate, but it brings variety and deepens the learning throughout discussion.

  •    Bringing surprises

The fact that these are talks about safety, revealing something against what people expected gets their attention.

Instead of a formal opening, which is sometimes finds it boring by listeners, try to consider opening a shocking quote or a simple question with surprising answer.

An opening mix with emotion of surprise increases alertness and gets people focused. The most important part of an opening is to make sure that it can still relate to the topics you have about to present.

  •     Create a short story

To catch audience’ attention, start with telling something like novel. You don’t have to make a whole day story-telling. Just begin with a short story that’s never been heard or perhaps a brand new study that provides new insight about safety.

Chances are, people will begin to focus themselves to the speaker due to the cravings to discover something new or unknown.

  •    Make it humorous

There is an old saying that goes, if they are laughing, they are listening. This is actually true, but it doesn’t mean they are learning. It is relevant if humor fits harmoniously to the topic.

Laughter is the best medicine, as the popular saying goes. If you make your audience laugh, this creates a positive vibe in the meeting room.

Sometimes, the idea of recommending humor in a presentation makes a bad rap because of its tired practice and mostly, a lame one. But when you considering this, carefully observe that creating humorous story should be relevant to or at least introduces the topic.

  •     Be consistent

Focus on what your subject is. It is very important to stick on a limited set of related ideas. Avoid being disorganized wherein an important information is not distinguished from unimportant ideas. Jumping from one tangentially related idea to the next may quickly bore the listeners. Overall, a good speaker requires intelligent planning, clarity of thought, and a well constructed Safety Presentations from the start up to the end of the speech.

Author Bio:
motivationLaughter is the best medicine, as the popular saying goes. If you make your audience laugh, this creates a dynamic and unique presentation makes the audiences catch their attention in the meeting room.

March 29, 2016 / Mary Cochran